Chains’ Latest Upgrades and Updates


  • Chains Affiliate Program is being replaced by the new Rewards Program, offering commissions and prizes for inviting new users to join the Chains platform.
  • We’ve implemented multiple payment method upgrades; users can now seamlessly buy CHA by choosing from 13 payment options, including Visa and MasterCard.
  • Granularity explained — the process of increasing the resolution of the CHA pricing curve by a factor of 100.
  • Chains website notifications and FAQ page have been updated as part of our improved platform user experience.
  • We continue to team up with industry-leading partners to boost security and improve the user experience for our clients.

September has been an exciting month for us. Here are some of Chains’ latest updates.

  • In the coming days, we will introduce a new, upgraded, and revamped Rewards Program (former Affiliate Program). The new Rewards Program includes the Classic and PRO tiers, with bonuses designed to reward regular users as well as professional marketers.
  • Earning rewards is easy — simply share your unique referral link with others. Once the users you’ve referred make their first Launchpad token purchase — you will receive an instant CHA reward to your balance, while the referred user gets a CHA bonus worth $10.
  • Participation in the Rewards Program is automatic. Once a user registers a new account to the Chains platform using your unique referral link, your account will be included in the Rewards Classic program. Once you reach the 11th referred user, you will automatically become part of the Rewards PRO program, with higher rewards, special prizes, and bonuses compounding on top of Rewards Classic.
  • We introduced considerable improvements to our credit card payment interface. Users can now seamlessly buy CHA with Visa and MasterCard without needing to go through KYC verification twice. Once Chains’ users have passed KYC on our platform, they are cleared to purchase CHA tokens using their credit cards. Users buying tokens on the Launchpad using Visa or Mastercard do so at the same rate as cryptocurrency users and do not bear any additional fees.
  • The number of Chains’ Launchpad-supported payment methods climbed to thirteen, including BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, TRX, MATIC, USDT, USDC, DAI, DOGE, ApeCoin, Visa, and Mastercard.
  • We have increased the resolution of the CHA pricing curve by a factor of 100. The price of CHA now gradually increases with every 180,000 tokens sold. The updated price curve is more natural, convenient, and beneficial for our users. This change benefits Chains users who purchased CHA during the early stages, as well as new users who are interested in buying tokens to leverage the rapid price changes.
  • We have updated and improved our FAQ page. As we constantly upgrade and add features to the Chains platform, we strive to be as transparent and straightforward as possible regarding keeping our users well-informed.

We continue collaborating with industry-leading partners to improve our user experience.

  • We have entered a partnership with Fireblocks, which will support’s native token, $CHA, making it available globally to institutional users through the Fireblocks Network. Fireblocks serves over 1,500 financial institutions, has secured the transfer of over $3 trillion in digital assets, and has a unique insurance policy that covers assets in storage and transit. As part of the integration, Fireblocks will provide institutional wallet infrastructure for users to ensure that assets are protected from external threat vectors.
  • We have been working with GeeTest, NVIDIA, Indacoin, Sum and Substance, Fireblocks, and others to deliver the friendliest, most robust user experience possible.
  • Chains has hosted multiple community AMA sessions, offering users a chance to ask Anderson Mccutcheon, Chains’ CEO and Founder questions directly, and has also been hosted by top-tier media channels such as Hackernoon.

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A cryptocurrency and NFT platform designed to allow users to earn, trade, invest and spend across multiple chains, via a single account.

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A cryptocurrency and NFT platform designed to allow users to earn, trade, invest and spend across multiple chains, via a single account.