Coinomy’s Transition State

The Launch

What comes next

The Rebrand

We are well aware that Coinomy is an excellent name that adequately captures the nature of the product and the long-term vision of the project. However, there are far too many “CoinSOMETHING” projects, some sounding virtually identical to Coinomy.

Can you guess the name?

Full Registration Campaign

Coinomy’s pre-registration campaign has allocated up to 9000 OMYX to early adopters. These allocations will be added to the account balances of users who use the same email during the registration process on the platform.

Partner Sunrise Program

A marketplace means very little without a network of participants. We are in the final stages of formalizing an early adoption program exclusively aimed and business and service providers in the blockchains space.

OMYX Swaps and Token Economics

The market value of OMYX and its eventual conversion rate to a utility token is a commonly asked recurring question on our channels. Coinomy’s token economics model is currently undergoing validation and we looking forward to sharing it with you once the platform goes live.



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A cryptocurrency and NFT platform designed to allow users to earn, trade, invest and spend across multiple chains, via a single account.