The Chains (CHA) Token Sale

CHA, the native token of the Chains platform, will be offered for sale, for the first time to the public, in the second quarter of 2022.
CHA will not be available for purchase anywhere but during or before the genesis token sale.


  • The token sale will take place in Q2 2022, starting at $0.0104 per CHA token.
  • You need a Chains account to participate in the sale.
  • If you want to participate in the presale, you need to whitelist your Chains account.
  • 25% of the tokens are offered via a presale.
  • Public sale token prices begin at $0.0513 and end at $0.0993.
  • Tokens will be distributed after the public sale is complete, subject to up to 8 months of vesting and KYC.

Visit our blog to read the full version:

Learn all there is to know about the sale and the tokenomics by reading through our Lightpaper and Whitepaper.



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